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Friday, January 20, 2012

Hobart Brutalist Bathing Pavilion heritage listed

Modernist Icon - Long Beach Bathing Pavilion heritage listed

The Long Beach Bathing Pavilion designed in 1962 has been recognised for it's heritage values. Located in the Hobart suburb of Sandy Bay it's been officially listed on the has been listed on the Tasmanian heritage register.  Architect, Dirk Bolt. Bolt designed many mid-20th century buildings in Hobart, including 10 Murray Street Government Office tower block approved for demolition.

The use of concrete block in designing the Bathing Pavilion was a typical trait in his designs, evident in several of his other works I've documented photographically around Hobart and in Canberra. The interior of the building is home to Surf Life Saving Tasmania and public toilets.  The original design was to see the building have 2 levels, with the upper deck having being used a restaurant.  The facade of the bathing pavilion has a series of pre-cast concrete panels with abstract illustrations designed by artist, Ron Sinclair. The panels were created on-site, having been cast on the beach fronting the Bathing pavilion

The Brustlist style Bathing Pavilion stands as an important and rate example of its kind in Tasmania. I have done an extensive photographic study of Bolt's designs around Hobart, stay tuned for upcoming posts on some of the wonderful designs I've captured through the lens of his works.

The views from the Long Beach Bathing Pavilion overlooking the River Derwent (on a not so inviting day!)

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