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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Amazing what a lick of paint does - Innisfail Art Deco

You may recall that I've been undertaking a major project photographing Innisfail Art Deco and Modernist buildings.  One day in 2009 I spent an entire day from 8am-7pm shooting the wonderful buildings of Innisfail.  I am still in the process of processing my photographs, but I have many buildings of Innisfail up on my website that can be viewed by clicking here: http://www.tryanphotos.com/Projects/Innisfail-Region-Art-Deco

Innisfail is an amazing township for those who love Modernist design, it's located in tropical Far North Queensland, about an hours drive south of Cairns.  The sheer number of commercial, and residential Art Deco and Modernist buildings are amazing for a township that has a population of roughly 10,000.  After a tropical cyclone destroyed many of the buildings in Innisfail in 1918 many new structures were designed with concrete in the Modernist style.  I just love how the buildings of Innisfail, especially many of the concrete homes have their own vernacular, they take on their own persona, and are totally unique, perhaps they should be known as Innisdeco! 

Even in the short period of time since 2009, which is just 3 years ago, many changes happen.  I used to think this home would look amazing done up with a lick of paint, and in 2012 it happened!  Amazing what a lick of paint does! Sadly in just 3 years several iconic buildings and structures have been demolished in Innisfail.  

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