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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Cardwell Fish & Chip Shop

I've got a soft spot for the corner store. Likely because they are an Australian institution, and sadly they are a slowly disappearing. This fish and chip shop stands alone on the main highway and I really loved there was nothing surrounding it and all of the signs. Many a shop was designed in a functional style in the 20th Century....and yes you get a massive serve of chips and the service is great!


  1. I love your pic of the fish and chippy Thomas.
    I have a favourite fish n' chip shop here in Perth, it was near my Nan and Pop's and we always got fish and chips when we visited from the bush when I was little. It's still operating from it's unchanged late 50's facade too.
    We live in an old corner store btw (built in the 1920's though)

  2. Yep, memories are made of this. Endless 4 1/2 hour drive from Atherton tablelands to Townsville, 4 small kids squashed into a back seat only meant for 3. Older bro (he knows who he is!) picking on younger ones, little sister scratching back, mother yelling to stop fighting, Dad saying 'now come on, we're nearely there". Then the sign to Cardwell appears, "Hooray, Cardboard", claps the youngest. It's the half way point. Sea and sand, shady Morton Bay figs, but more importantly, MARIA'S FISH & CHIP SHOP! A huge helping of wrapped up chips & always extra potato cakes for the weary kids. Down to the beach and the breeze and afternoon sun in our eyes. Silence as everyone tucks in to mountain of great greasy chips and battered potato - the way it should be! And then back on the road, all satisfied and a little less arguing till we finally back get to Townsville and Gran's.