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Monday, July 18, 2011

Kyabrym Art Deco Shop "Pettifer's" with original features

During my 20,000km journey photographing 20c architecture, nothing pleased me more than taking a stroll down a main street in a country town and seeing in-tact period buildings. This was the case when visiting the township of Kyabrym, 170km North of Melbourne.

This little Deco Gem by the name of "Pettifer's" has pretty much all of it's original features, even the interior spaces are set out lovingly, it's as if you have walked back into the 1930s! The manikins are really interesting in the own right, I remember seeing these in shops all the time, but they too are becoming a rare sight.Check out the typeface used and the horizontal banding, black background with gold writing spelling out "Pettifer's" and the arrows pointing to the entrance!

In Ballarat there is a very similar designed shop by the name of "Walter Davis",(click here to see a photo of it) I wonder if per chance it was designed by the same Architect who did Pettifer's?


  1. I let out a spontaneous "Ohhhh" when I saw these pics Thomas. How wonderful. The building, the name, those mannequins, the tiles and that terrazzo entrance way...did you get any photos of the interior? I'd love to see them if you did.