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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Abandoned Cairns Coral Twin Drive-In

The Cairns Coral Twin Drive-In located in the suburb of Woree was designed circa 1960s, and is a classic example of how popular Drive-In cinemas had become during the mid 20th Century, popping up in towns and cities across Australia. Since it's final screening over a decade ago, the complex lay in a ruin. Grass grows in true tropical style, measured not in cm but in meters, slowly taking over the massive space that would have once accommodated cars.

In such a short period of time the Drive-In has gone from being a common sight throughout Australian towns and cities, to something that is a rarity. One of the reasons I document Modernism is for the "everyday" places that are often taken for granted. Some may say this Drive-In was just a load of ashfelt and steel frames, but there is a deeper story here. It highlights a time, not that long ago, when people came and enjoyed a social outing in the great outdoors. It tells a story of a way of life that existed in the 20th Century. In the moment people probably thought that these times would not cease, but in just 40 years the Cairns Coral Twin Drive-In went from a busy social hub, to an abandoned wasteland.

The 21st Century Drive-In now stands beside the former Drive-In. This complex is bustling night and day, and often there's a cue of cars waiting for their goods - but this Drive-In is in the shape of a McDonalds restaurant.

In early July the Projector room/Cafe and main screen were demolished.The curtain had finally been drawn on this once bustling venue.

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